Mission Statement

Ensuring people's safety is our daily bread...

Commitment to excellence is our lifetime goal.

1. About BFS:

Beydoun Fire & Safety - is a leading provider of fire and security products and services concerned with ultimate life safety & property protection. Founded in 1993, BFS is headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon, and has offices in Maryland, USA.

Our network of clients is exponentially booming across the continents and in addition to our headquarters and offshore offices, our near future plans are directed to the Gulf area.

We track every new development in the industry by regularly taking part in international trade shows. We are an Award Winner of many Life Time Achievement prizes and an authorized dealer and sole distributor of the industry's best manufacturers.

2. BFS Mission:

At BFS, we offer the broadest range of the most advanced fire & security products and services. Let us know your needs, and we will meet them at a drop of a hat. Providing you with the very best in today’s solutions is the core of our beliefs.

A danger-free environment is our top concern. We have been protecting residential, commercial, industrial, educational, healthcare facilities, hotels, governmental premise and others, for over a decade now.

We understand how hard you work to keep up with business challenges; and we work harder to help you run your business efficiently. We know how precious life is; and we do all what it takes to treasure yours safely.

Our capabilities cover: in-house design, marketing, installation, inspection & maintenance. We draw on our expertise and resources to give you reliable solutions through a variety of comprehensive systems.

We employ a great number of experienced professionals, qualified engineers and trained personnel to render optimal customer satisfaction.

We have successfully stood the test of time and we continue to grow. We are more than a supplier of affordable, high quality and heavy duty products; we are a trustworthy keeper of assets and lives.

Put your concerns in our hands and let us show you how our safety & security solutions can help you be ... Danger-free.


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